Chapters and Lessons

Get More Q's with Contact Secrets

  • 02

    General Principles of Dog Training

    • Train Your Dog Faster with Secondary vs. Primary Reinforcers

    • Why Rewards May Not Be Reinforcers

    • What to do when your dog seems to make mistakes.

    • Progress Check

    • Shaping vs Luring and Zotzie

  • 03


    • Stopping vs Running Contacts

  • 04

    Methods for All Contact Obstacles

    • Training Contacts with Zotzie, Hit It Board and Treat & Train

    • PROGRESS CHECK on Zotzie, HIT IT BOARD, and Treat & Train

    • USING a HOOP and Zotzie to Train a Dog to Hit Contact Zone

    • PRO TIP on Building Excitement and More Reliable Behavior