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Have you ever wondered how some handlers can navigate their dog around a difficult dog agility course so smoothly and effortlessly? 

You know who I'm talking about.

Their dogs understand directional cues. They can guide their dog to turn left, turn right, go straight, or to run around to the backside of obstacles.

Their dogs have high obstacle focus so they can take on obstacles of their own accord with little or no guidance from humans. Yet they respond to cues to stay away from 0ff-course traps.

The handlers come out of the exit gate with big smiles on the faces and their dogs are so happy, too.

Well, what if you could learn to navigate your dog around the course like a good GPS system? Wouldn't that make dog agility more fun?

Hi, my name is Phil Seyer. I'm an instructional designer with many years of experience developing self-teaching courses and I have a Masters Degree in education. My first agility dog, Magic Momo has competed at the highest level in AKC and also won many blue ribbons in USDAA, and NADAC. I've studied with some of the best dog agility competitors like Susan Garrett, Greg Derrette, and Janita Leinonen. I'm eager, now, to share with you what I have learned.

What Makes this Course so Special? Many of the techniques you will learn in this course can be used in your backyard or living room. A unique aspect of this course is that you can use the techniques with dogs of all ages, including puppies just 8 weeks of age to give them a head start. Imagine what a head start that will give you and your dog!
(With young dogs and puppies, whose growth plates have not sealed, you can remove bars from jumps and still teach your dog how to handle the "jumps" by guiding them through the uprights. Later when they are ready to jump, they will already be experts at following your cues.)
You don't need 
to be a Pro!
You don't need to be a pro, because I've boiled down the very best of my 10+ years of behavior psychology expertise into a simple, step-by-step training.

I call it, "Guiding Your Dog
Like a Good GPS System"

When you finish this course, you'll be able to:

✨ Boost your Q rate!

✨ Enter the Winner's circle more often and take home more blue ribbons.

✨ Guide your dog to take an obstacle and then turn right, left or continue straight.

✨ Change your leading arm effortlessly with a blind cross, rear cross, or front cross.

✨ Use the Human Arrow technique to give your dog advance information about where he or she will be going after the obstacle she is approaching.

✨Have more fun with your dog using your new abilities.

Inside, I am going to teach you how to communicate with your dog so he or she can understand directional cues.  You, too, will be able to guide your dog smoothly and effortlessly around a dog agility course.
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